Why Summit Search Solutions?

Why Summit Search Solutions?

Specialized Experience

Summit Search Solutions has led hundreds of diverse searches in the higher education and nonprofit sectors (primarily foundations, associations and healthcare organizations).  Summit’s search leaders bring over 50 years of collective recruiting experience to the table.

Dedicated Search Partners

At Summit Search Solutions, we will work directly with your organization and be involved at every step of the search process. Rest assured that your team will benefit from the knowledge, skills and experience of our team.  Because we are a small firm, clients get the attention and focus of our team members.

Committed to Diversity

Summit Search Solutions is committed to providing as diverse an applicant pool as possible, and we are proud of our record of diverse placements. We enjoy serving institutions that value quality and diversity, and our clients choose us because we share those values. Our thorough search process ensures we deliver the most representative and qualified candidate pool possible.

Unique Service and Fee Choices

Our menu of search options offers you the chance to purchase the solutions you need, thus providing the ability to choose and customize.

Our flexible fee structures benefit you in several ways:

  1. Our rates are highly competitive and enable clients to use our services repeatedly and for searches at varying levels.
  2. Flexibility and choice.  Summit doesn’t believe that one size fits all.  Our service offerings enable clients to choose the package that best suits their needs.
  3. By using fixed fees or hourly fees-for-service, we remain objective in salary discussions. We are motivated to find you the best candidate for your needs regardless of the placement’s annual compensation.