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Implicit Bias Training for Search Advisory Committees

Sona Andrews, PhD
Senior Consultant
October, 2019

This resource can be shared with Search Advisory committees to reinforce the importance of better understanding how bias may negatively impact hiring the best person for your institution/organization and how to identify biases and mitigate their negative effects.

In this 20-minute presentation, you will learn what is explicit and implicit bias and its effects? What biases are most likely to occur in the search process? and What steps can be taken to reduce biases?

Before you begin to review applications, it is helpful to remind yourself how implicit biases might impact your assessment of candidates. With this in mind, please try to do the following BEFORE reading any applications.

1. Watch the 20 minutes narrated Implicit Bias Video that Summit has created for search advisory committees.

2. Early in the video, you are instructed to take one or two of the Implicit Bias Tests from Project Implicit. Each takes about 10 minutes. The link and info are embedded in the Implicit Bias Video. These tests are worth the time and no one gets your score but you.