Executive Search Services

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Executive Search Services

Summit Search Solutions is a boutique executive search firm offering organizations premier services with unprecedented choice and flexibility. Summit offers customized search solutions and unique pricing structures that differentiate us from other firms.  In additional to offering traditional retained search, Summit offers an hourly sourcing model where clients can select components of the search process.  All of our searches include strategies to identify and attract passive candidates.  Our passive candidate research capabilities and referencing processes are second to none.

Retained Search

Our retained services provide unparalleled focus and attention on your project from start to finish.   These services includes extensive pre-search interviews, innovative search strategies, active and passive candidate sourcing, on-going communication throughout the process, thorough assessment of candidate values and management style to ensure culture fit, and detailed reference checking.  Our retained searches are implemented with face to face client and candidate contact.  Our follow through on details is our signature.  Our retained searches utilize fixed or percentage fees and our pricing is highly competitive.

Sourcing  Services Model

The sourcing model is offered to clients who seek to purchase components of the search process at an hourly rate.  Clients who choose this model are often seeking passive recruitment sourcing to support their own recruiting efforts.  Services can include passive and active candidate recruitment, candidate assessment, reference/background checking, and research.

The fee for services model is unique and increasing in popularity as organizations look for creative ways to utilize search firm services in a cost effective manner.

Our menu of search services includes:

  • Client consultation/intake
  • Research
  • Recruiting (includes active and/or passive candidate recruitment)
  • Candidate assessment
  • Candidate presentation
  • Ongoing communication/feedback
  • Reference/background checking
  • Offer negotiation and support
  • Reporting:  competitive intelligence/benchmarking data sharing


Our Process

Process Makes the Difference

All executive search processes are not created equal. In fact, our experience over the years has shown that following thorough and methodical processes are paramount to success time and time again. Whether its research, passive candidate recruitment, candidate assessment, or reference checking, Summit’s commitment to you is “We leave no stone unturned.”

Research Matters

Summit utilizes best-practices search techniques that target passive candidates—those who are not looking for jobs. Candidates are identified using varied and extensive research methods. The quality of our front-end research ensures successful outcomes.

Passion Matters

Summit Search consultants enjoy helping mission-driven institutions thrive and grow. A passionate search consultant, who knows your organization and can promote it, is a key factor in attracting top quality people.

When Summit Search goes to the market on your behalf, we do so with sophistication, passion, and a solid understanding of your organization’s vision and mission. We brand and promote your institution to every individual we contact.

Results: It’s All About The Right Placement

A high-quality placement is the end goal, and we never lose sight of this. When you hire the right people, you meet your organizational goals. It’s that simple. Ask our clients and consider our record of repeat business.

CEO, Carrie Coward recalls:

“Last year I visited a graduate school that I had been working with for over ten years. I was invited to attend an executive team meeting led by the President. When I entered the room, I was struck by the fact that four of the six leadership team executives were my placements. This group of people had achieved over 300% growth in the last decade. They were a happy and cohesive team. There is no better feeling than to know that my search skills played a role in this organization’s success.”